Pocket Watch Chain

Case Material > Gold Filled

  • Elgin 1903, 0s, 7j, Gf Full Hunter Pocket Watch/slide Chain Running! Beautiful
  • Rare Antique Ball 10k Gold Filled Pocket Watch/19 Jewels/g. F Chain/37 Ticks
  • Boxed Hamilton 12 Sz With Chain Excellent Condition
  • Antique 1904 Elgin Gold Hunter 16s Pocket Watch 9kt Gold Spinner Fob & Chain
  • Antique Pocket Watch Chain 1890s Victorian French 14ct Rose Gold Filled Albert
  • Antique Elgin 12s Pocket Watch Philadelphia 20 Year Case Withchain And Knife
  • Antique Pocket Watch Chain Photograph Fob 1890s Victorian Big 10ct Gold Filled
  • Antique Pocket Watch Chain 1890s Victorian 14ct Rose Gold Filled Fancy Albert
  • Antique Pocket Watch Chain 1906 Edwardian 12ct Gold Filled Fancy Albert & T Bar
  • Antique Elgin Pocket Watch & Slide Chain 0s 15j Ladies Pendant Hunter Case Runs
  • Antique Waltham Pocket Watch Chain 55 Gold Filled 7 Jewels 1903 Art Nouveau
  • Men's 1927 Ball Watch Co. Pocket Watch With Chain & Presentation Box Serviced
  • Ladies' 1906 Crisp Am. Waltham Watch Co. Seaside Pocket Watch Withchain Serviced
  • Deco Illinois Autocrat Wandering Seconds Pocket Watch Withchain Box Serviced
  • Antique Ladies Elgin Pendant Pocket Watch & Slide Chain Fancy Dial Hunter Gf